cropped-banner-2.jpgIf you can help us with any of the following areas, we would love to hear from you!

Receptionist / Administration Role

As a reception desk volunteer, you will be the first point of contact for visitors to our institution. You will be responsible for greeting visitors, answering the telephone, checking and responding to email, printing out and displaying publicity materials, carrying out administrative tasks for our management or our convenors and working to support our exhibitions.

We are looking for warm friendly individuals who are comfortable dealing with members of the public; you will need to have a confident telephone manner and be adept in the use of Microsoft Office. Since you will be the first point of contact for people accessing our exhibitions, an interest in the arts and sciences would be of great benefit.

Young BRLSI Volunteers for STEM Workshops

As a volunteer for our Young BRLSI programme, you might take on one of the following roles. You might undertake a more pastoral role looking after the children’s welfare or you might be the leader of one of the activities, dependent on your education or the nature of your experience.

We ask that all our volunteers on Young BRLSI possess both a genuine interest in the education of children and a wider interest in STEM. To work as one of our mentors, we ask that you are a PhD student.


We are always looking for bright talented individuals to help with our publicity and our online presence. Ongoing projects where we look for volunteer input include putting out press releases and maintaining press contacts, optimizing our presence on social media, and updating and maintaining content for our website and volunteer blog.

Skills that would be enormously beneficial include being adept in the use of Microsoft Publisher, and CMS such as WordPress and Drupal. We are looking for individuals who combine a high level of computer literacy with an excellent standard of written English.


If you have administration skills that you think you can offer our institution the BRLSI is always delighted to hear from you.

Evening Tickets

You might not feel that you have time to make a regular weekly commitment, but instead are happy to come in and assist occasionally for a one-off event. Our evening lectures are at the heart of what we do and if you think you might be happy to assist us in such a way, then please ask us to put your name down for our event bank. This is a list of volunteers willing to be called to help on short notice. Please specify what sort of help you may wish to offer.

Sub-Committee Roles

If you think you might have skills that could serve our organisation, we are always looking for fresh faces to join our committees. Please see details of these roles below. We ask that all members of our sub-committees hold a valid membership for the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, as well as an active interest in the arts and science.

Finance Committee

We are always on the lookout for volunteers with a background in finance or accountancy, who would be happy to contribute their skills and experience to make a difference to our charitable organisation.

Ideally, we seek volunteers who are happy to contribute their expertise within the finance or investments field. It would also be of enormous benefit to us if you were a member of BRLSI already, since this will give you some helpful insight into what kind of institution we are.

We look for individuals with trained experience of working in accountancy and/or finance management/administration of investments.

Membership Committee

If you are an existing Member and would like to support our membership committee, please us us know and we will invite you along – but be aware you might get a job! This year, for instance, we have created a Social Events Team, which is currently organising the Members Christmas Party and there are always ‘spear carrying’ jobs available for party animals.

We are also on the lookout for volunteers to sign new Members up at lectures and events. Our Membership Sub-Committee meets four times a year, and our next event is the Volunteers’ Summer Party 2017. To volunteer with our membership committee, we generally require that you are a member yourself, and thus have some idea about how we operate on the inside. If any Member is interested in joining our Sub-Committee to help organize events, then please contact Dick Bateman (Chair and Scribe) at

Website / Social Media Management Committee

If you have a background – or even just an interest – in digital media and feel you have time to contribute to our website committee, then we would like to hear from you at

Student Placements 

We also offer short-term bespoke volunteer placements for university students. Please get in touch for more details.

Young BRLSI Committee

Do you have an interest in science and technology or a background in education? If so, you should get involved with our Young BRLSI committee. For further information, please contact

If any of these opportunities appeal to you, then please visit our contact page to find out how to get in touch and discuss further!

Currently we are recruiting volunteers for the following roles –

Front Desk/Reception


Web Content Volunteers

Saturday Receptionist

Finance Volunteer

Publicist Volunteer