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Bob Draper has been a volunteer since before the Institution took over the Building from Bath City Council over 20 years ago. He produces a weekly e-mail Bulletin that goes out to over 2500 people and sits on the Management Committee. He is also involved in starting an Engineering and Technology Group.

“It is very rewarding to bring so many of the country’s leading thinkers to Bath and have them speak to us. It is also particularly satisfying to be involved with the Youth Activities and ‘Bath Taps into Science’ to inspire future generations….”

Rachel works from the first desk and is responsible for writing and editing BRLSI Members’ monthly newsletter.

I love working at BRLSI and meeting all the interesting people that pass through the building; BRLSI members and staff, exhibition visitors, room hire clients and tourists all have something different to talk to you about when you’re working on the front desk! Producing the monthly newsletter has been a great way to get to know more about BRLSI and I really enjoy putting it together – at the start of the month I always worry there’s not going to be enough to say but there’s never a problem finding things to write about as there’s so much going on here.

Lauren began volunteering for the BRLSI this summer, helping out with the website, publicity and developing this blog! With an interest in archaeology and a degree in Classics the BRLSI was the perfect fit for her talents in digital media and passion for the arts.

“I have really enjoyed being about to help with the online presence of an educational charity, and be a part of an exciting organisation. It’s been a great way to meet new like minded people since relocating to Bath.”

Joan began volunteering for BRLSI several years ago and has found working on the front desk and being involved with Young BRLSI both interesting and rewarding.

“I have met so many interesting people. I particularly enjoy my role with the children’s workshops.”

Benedict has been volunteering with BRLSI since the summer.  He is currently undertaking a Master’s Degree in Heritage Studies. He has undertaken work on the Front Desk, and has begun an archiving project for us, which will assist him in completing his MA.

“I see the organisation as  a great asset in the education of the general public, it inspires debate and thinking in a time where individualism and intellectualism is being stifled. I see my volunteering as a contribution to this endeavour.”

Bethany Cartwright began volunteering with us in February after hearing about our volunteering programme from another student on her Heritage Management MA Course.

“I have had the opportunity to develop a number of new skills whilst working on a project. I have enjoyed working as part of a friendly team, meeting some really interesting people. It’s been really rewarding to be here.”